Okay, so last night I was Skyping with my homies in the Sifki fandom and I had just downloaded a new pack of textures with this very Loki/Sif texture in it that gave me major feels and long story short I made a graphic for them using it. So being the sweet heart she is, Cole wanted to know how to make a graphic and so now I am showing you all. It’s quite simple really, here’s the package of textures I’m going to be using. 

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THEME #8 by hawtornes:

  • live preview ; code
  • Sidebar Image: 110 px
  • Sidebar border
  • 6 custom links
  • 450px Post width
  • Please, like or reblog If you’re using.
  • Do not remove the credit or use as base.
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psd 3 → mf {please like if taking}

*contains vibrance. works well with light/dark photos.

psd 2 → mf {please like if taking}

*a light psd that works great on candids. if too bright, mess with the curves.

psd 1→ mf {please like if taking}
*black and white psd & contains three textures {credit to owner is given}

can you do a bw psd?

Yeah, sure!


1. Please like and/or reblog if you’re taking.
2. Credit if you use them.
3. Follow if you like what you see.
4. And most importantly, enjoy! :) 


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Psd #63 -Stiles Stilinski 

gif credits to her

download here- [x-mf]

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saintmetria psd#10 

  • b&w psd for gifs
  • includes 2 textures (not mine, credits to the owner)
  • please like the post if you’re taking 
  • download
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